Canon MF635cx still without Linux support - even though their website tells differently

Update April 2018: Now, there is a Linux driver on Canons Website! Yeah!

Why is it for such a large printing company as Canon not possible to deliver Linux drivers for their i-sensys printers? They advertise it on their website and other people use that information. They explicitly say that "Linux drivers are available online only, and support just the print function.". But this is simply not true! Today, as I'm writing this, there are no Linux driver for my MF635xc.

The problem is that other people like test magazines (online and offline) also relay on that information and simply use it on their fact sheets. So this wrong information gets spread and people like me buy the printer because of this. What a surprise when they connect the printer to their machine and try to set it up.

I had no problems with the HP OfficeJet 8600 ink jet printer. Linux was supported from begin on. I gave up on this printer because my daughter needed one for her starting study and I wanted to go color laser in my small office anyway. Now I only can print from Windows or my iPad.

What a s***.

P.S. I was contacting their support as Cannon suggested via Twitter. But they cannot help and their advise was to send the printer back! No comment ...


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